Introducing PEACH

Dear Community, let us introduce our Peach Pool [PEACH]

Peach is a decentralized Cardano Staking Pool hosted with an established German cloud provider - so no reliance on the few big companies which host most of the network nodes. Imagine AWS having an outage!

Regarding trading and analysis, I’m bringing 15 years of experience in Forex. Please find regular analyses and recommendations relating to ADA on the Peach Pool TradingView page

Clearly, we believe in the vision of making Cardano’s Blockchain one of the top-leaders of Cryptocurrencies.

We are pledging what we can: about 100k ADA. All block rewards have gotten and will continue to get reinvested to increase our pledge. We are an unsaturated pool and are looking forward to serving our first customers.

Ticker: ** Peach Pool 0% Fee [PEACH]**
Fee: 0% + 340 ADA (minimum)