Introducing Qilin Pool [QILIN]

Hey, i’m Jordan and I run the new Qilin pool.

Based in London, UK. I’m currently running the Pool on AWS with a relay outside of the UK with plans to introduce more relays around the world from multiple different providers and potentially setting up a home server.

I have a strong background in systems and work in offensive security however this is my first experience working and running a server myself. Because of this I have a deep understanding of the techniques and methods used by attackers to attack servers.

My stakepool should have incredibly high uptime due to running on cronjobs, information for other operators about how to implement this is here

Users should check out my pool because I’m just starting to build ADA sysadmin tools for stakepool operators, I’m always open to communication and listening to what people want changing about the pool. If you want something changing, then contact me for what and why and we can try figure something out! As time goes on, I’m aiming to build out lots of tools and infrastructure around the pool for both myself and those staking to my pool.

You can find the latest updates for my pool at
You can find helpful tools to pool operators at my github at ada-qilin

Telegram: ADA_QILIN
You can find me on ADAPools - 75291692684a1a7a466881fda7b3c683227c4238044bf33a96003abf

A note to pool operators, I’m interested in helping out the stakepool community by writing scripts and tools to help stakepool operators. I hope to grow my stakepool github to eventually contain a large collection of useful tools. If there is anything annoying or tedious about running a pool then let me know and I will try to find a way to fix it!

Current fees on 09/08/2020, subject to change depending on success of the pool and interest.

Pool ID: 75291692684a1a7a466881fda7b3c683227c4238044bf33a96003abf
Pledge: 10k
Fixed fee: 340
Margin: 2.5%