Introducing QubitPool [QUBIT]

I would like to introduce QubitPool. QubitPool is a new Cardano Staking Pool that is has initial capital, and is committed to reliability and sustainability within the Cardano Ecosystem.

My name is Scott and I’ve been involved in the crypto space since 2012. The bitcoin whitepaper showed the world how to achieve trust in a trustless environment. One of the key ideas is the necessity of decentralization for those doing the validation. Proof of Stake provides a giant step forward for achieving the decentralization of the validators.

I believe that by embracing a non-maximalist, technology agnostic approach that is replete with academic rigor, Cardano has positioned itself to be a leader in this space. The various initiatives, already underway, will increase the number of transactions and total transaction fees of the Cardano network.

QubitPool is focused on providing a robust, redundant and fault tolerant Stake Pool that will be ready for Alonzo and the sharding chains to follow. It is our belief that as the network continues to grow the ability to trustlessly prove a pool is distributing the maximum rewards possible will become critical for Stake Pool selection.

As an example, Grayscale recently added Cardano as an asset they will hold and presumably stake. Where will Grayscale stake their Cardano? It seems the answer would be with the pool that is the most reliable and is distributing the maximum rewards possible. We believe as other large institutions adopt and hold Cardano they will make similar choices.

We hope you share a bit of your stake and stake with us!

Ticker: QUBIT


Pledge: 100,000Current Live Stake: 1.47MFees: 340 / 2.5%

Pool ID: 08dd84d27f00aa9ee6caf195d81256a3d217dd345857cd8be60f18b0

Hosted in AWS

  • Producer Node - 4 vCPU, 16GB Memory
  • Relay 1 - 4 vCPU, 12GB Memory
  • Relay 2 - 4 vCPU, 12GB Memory
  • External Connectivity Health Check
  • Internal Node Performance Health Check
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