Introducing r₳D₳r Stake Pool!

Howdy! I am Griff from the Pacific Northwest. I am perhaps one of the oldest Stake Pool Operators there is. I am a Kidney Transplant survivor (8 years) and I am hoping to be able to supplement my Social Security with Stakepool operations. I love to fish and grow tomatoes. You can see a few videos from some of my fishing trips here

You can find my website at I set the site up in the Spring 2018 and have been eagerly awaiting Shelley!

If you would like to get a hold of me, you can use the form on the website or try @poolradar on twitter, or find me in telegram ( Gryph

In Daedalus and Yoroi look for RADAR. You will see me on the blockchain at ab30718787e719f54a703a220ffffb3d794b2769b0e96795824cbe43

As far as experience I was involved in nearly every testnet prior to the ITN and then successfully operated throughout the ITN. I have absorbed much knowledge with the day to day operation of a stakepool and feel confident I can operate now in Shelley. My servers are VPS’s spread out around Europe. (Low fees and central to the network).

I would like to make an offer, stake with r₳D₳r and I will offer you a free Cardano Token Coin. Please see the details here!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!

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