Introducing : Red Bike [RBA]


My name is Jan, I am operating the Red Bike Stakepool. For the last 20+ years, I have built my career on the intersection of finance and technology.

A few bullet points:

● Software that I have built is used in Banks and Financial Service companies across the globe.
● Lived and worked on 4 continents and 14 countries and speak 3+ languages
● Implemented AI-models across 11 countries.
● Managed a 4 Billion USD portfolio.
● Build drop!in that had 1,000,000 million events on the platforms automatically categorized through AI in real-time

Currently, I am working on The Red Bike stakepool is a critical component to reward users of the platform.

Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee : RBA / [updating] / 99.9% / 345
Website: Red Bike
PoolID : 42850eb2d0c386213d60039c4b5888ecc996fc48063514cf20d4d82c
Location : Singapore, Singapore

Pool infrastructure: Linode VPS 16GB Dedicated (2x) / Ubuntu 20.04
Pool redundancy : Available through Linode. All nodes are properly secured and sufficiently redundant.
Operator experience: The redbike team has on average 20+ years managing Linux servers remotely and is proficient in Python, Bash, Networking, and Server Security

The Red Bike Asia is operating as the rewards backend for the finclout project.

We understood that unique content is hard to create and finding insights needs deeper understanding. Finclout is a crypto-enabled SaaS dApp that allows casual content creators in financial services to earn more.

On our platform you can:

  1. Read daily content cues about what matters,
  2. Source relevant topics and themes faster,
  3. Gain deeper understanding through financial augmentation,
  4. View personalized audiovisual community insights,
  5. Earn through crypto-based embedded platform monetization.

We are creators, too.

Finclout is on a mission to improve the knowledge of retail investors and content creators by operating a Web3 Social+ community platform from creators for creators.
The problem that finclout is solving is that in today’s social networks disinformation propagates quickly and scams and pump-and-dump schemes are rampant. Current social networks don’t address this properly and are as a result noisy places where easy-to-consume, low-quality content is regurgitated and the crassest, loudest, and most outrageous wins. This makes valuable insights hard to find.
We believe that a modern social platform can be a clean, quiet, and informed forum where smart people learn from other smart people – without being boring. A platform where you can earn crypto by moderating and curating AI-matched content for other members in the community. Where your clout on the platform is not measured by the number of followers but by the quality of your contribution.