Introducing Rocky Mountain Stake Pool (ROCKY)

  • Rocky Mountain Stake Pool
  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee ( ROCKY / 115000 / 340 / 2.99% )
  • Website
  • Contact
  • Pool ID / hash f4762ca1dce3c32c0d7a7e6d9f8a54bf40338e99ae5f3ad0172c9a2f
  • Location Canada
  • Pool infrastructure ROCKY is running our own infrastructure with a 6 Core Intel i7 processor on the block producer and 2 Core servers for the relays. All run on Ubuntu 20.04. All systems are supported by UPS plus redundant network links for failover.
  • Pool redundancy Pool keys, certificates, topology and config files are stored offline and can be spooled up to our backup server within minutes. Full monitoring is set up with Prometheus/Grafana with alerts sent to mobile should target metrics move out of desired range.
  • Operator experience With 30 years in IT I’ve done it all. Software development, networking, data center management, consulting…you name it.
  • Why should users check out your pool? Hi everyone, my name is Ken and I’m behind the Rocky Mountain Pool. I am an IT professional with many years of IT management and consulting under my belt and likely more grey hair than most running these stake pools. I’ve run big infrastructure projects, data centers, help desks, ERP implementations and lots of software development projects. I’ve consulted with mining companies, power companies, Oil and Gas companies, utilities and government. Over the years I’ve seen the IT industry change in many ways but this move to open source and decentralization is a game changer and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Like a lot of people I became interested in cryptocurrency back in 2017. Back then Blockchain was a concept that most CIO’s didn’t really understand all that much and frankly didn’t really care too much about. Even in my own company - which is full of IT consultants - it’s still a curiosity to most people. I hear a lot of “I should know more about that…” from my colleagues which says a lot about how far we have to go.
So I set about to understand the benefits of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies which led me to Cardano. What struck me different about Cardano is not so much the vision (which is truly inspiring) but the way the team went about their business. The research that has been put into this project is fantastic and is industry leading. The commitment to adhere to the best engineering and development methodologies is something you do not often see in this industry - most companies simply do not have the patience for it. There are a lot of good developers out there but they rarely get to experience collaborating on a project such as Cardano. For those folks, this has got to be extremely challenging but sooo rewarding.

So I’m running a stake pool because I believe in the model - part FOMO as I have definitely drank the Kool-Aid and want to be part of this industry going forward but I’m also a father and I want to leave this world in a better state for my kids than where it is today. I’ve experienced first hand the devaluation of North American currencies and can see what is happening all over the world in places such as Venezuela, Argentina, Iran and many others. And the social credit scenario playing out in China is downright frightening. That’s our future if we don’t start to change it and it’s not something I want for my kids. We truly need better financial and social systems and I’m committed to moving forward with Cardano.

I’m running my own hardware and network and have been here since the ITN. Check out Rocky Mountain Staking at




Hola buenas tardes,

Saludos desde Caracas,
Todos los días que entro a el foro aprendo mas sobre Cardano, debo confesar que tengo pocos meses aprendiendo de CryptosMonedas.

Para mi es una formación que me estoy tomando full time, ya que quiero enseñar a mi entorno sobre todo el ecosistema de Cardano.

Este día lo he dedicado a leer todos los grupos que se han presentado. Eres el primero que me da clic.
Debo tener un mínimo de monedas para entrar?

Hola Maritza,

Hola Kakerley ,
Te pregunto hay un minimo de moneda para poder registrarme en el Grupo?

Este grupo es para que los operadores de grupos de estacas se presenten a las personas que buscan delegar su participación. No hay un mínimo para unirse, pero ¿tal vez está buscando un grupo con información más general sobre Cardano? También me complace responder cualquier pregunta que pueda tener, por supuesto.

Si está interesado en establecer un grupo de estaca, la tarifa de registro es de 500 ADA

Excuse me, I think it was a mistake to write in Spanish.

I am looking for a stake group to delegate my ADA.
I want to participate in the staking.

Information on Cardano I have in the Forum that I do not need to look for it, I already have it.

If I explain, I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

:joy: please consider staking with my pool. There are no minimums. You can stake directly from the Daedalus wallet currently.



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thanks, ken.

Now I just have to wait for my wallet to respond, I have 3 days trying and it says NODE does not respond …
have to wait.

If you go to the Daedalus diagnostics screeen… CTL+D and then click on Restart Cardano Node that may help. You can also get there through the help menu.

I am doing everything the guide tells me verifying each option. :wink:

I tried this and it helped. Should also be a new version coming out today or tomorrow.,



Great post, I hope your pool is a success… I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share any helpful resources for a newbie to coding who’s interested in setting up a stakepool for personal use…

You bet. This site is excellent.

Wow, thank you. Much appreciated!

Another question… What are your thoughts on Haskell?

Let me know if you need any more help. Ubuntu 20.04 is “Rock” solid :nerd_face:

Thank you! I have a ‘Cardano on the Rocks’ kit that I am about to set up! RockPi…

Pretty specialized language but in the hands of the team at Cardano it should bode well as they are all tops in their field. The claim is Haskell is more efficient and will prevent mistakes other languages allow. Thats a good thing but I think it was less mature and took a lot more work to build a cryptocurrency with it than IOG thought. Still, the blockchain runs very well and sips resources so what they have done so far is excellent.

Their software is rock solid and I expect issues such as Daedalus (which is not built with Haskell) sync performance to be fixed soon.

Once the peer to peer networking is added this will fly.

Gracias Ken