Introducing Romanian Cardano Stake Pool [ROCA] #Romania

About me: I started the online experience in '96 by running a BBS with a FidoNet point and since then I activated in IT as developer/ops.

Ticker: ROCA
Pledge: 1k
Margin: 1%
Fixed fee: 340


Contact on Twitter:

Pool ID: 742e38f27db8fb792a1f7c013815f7c0bbc6f275efa426a6d777ec85

Location: Bucharest/Romania

Pool infrastructure VMs running in Azure; 2 relay nodes: North Europe and Japan East

Operator experience: +20yrs in IT world in developer/ops roles

ROCA is a mission driven pool determined to provide reliability and security to the Cardano ecosystem but also to fight against deforestation in Romania.
The fixed epoch fee(340₳) will be used for nodes maintenance and the variable fee(1%) will be donated to plant new trees in affected area from Romania.
So, in two words, the pool’s mission is about decentralization and reforestation.

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Hi @roca63115489 ,

A stake pool with a great purpose. Hope many people delegate to your stake pool! :partying_face:


Bun venit la bord :slight_smile:




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Unfortunately I decided to retire this pool; the main reason is that I see no future (in the actual rewards model) for the small pools; maybe for the short term due to the IOHK subsidies but not for the long term.
Also as a hobby it’s a nice option.
Good luck to the rest of the small pools.

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:(((( no, I am a pool from Romania too… what is your ticker?

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