Introducing [SPAAS] Epoch Fee Share - Stake Pool as a Service

Stake Pool as a Service

Margin: 0%
Pledge: 2.0M ₳

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Epoch Fee Share

Whether you are a Delegator or Owner, we share our epoch fee on top of Staking Rewards. SPAAS recently shared a total of 500 ₳ in epoch fees with 5 lucky Loyal Delegators as a thank you for delegating their hard-earned ADA with SPASS.

Delegators have equal opportunity, whether big or small, to be randomly selected and awarded a bonus. Please join our Telegram to be notified when our next selection process begins.

Owners receive their Epoch Fee Share on top of their usual Staking Rewards at the end of every epoch, or 5-days. Please read about our service to learn more.

Stake Pool as a Service

Whether it be under the SPAAS brand or your own, we provision and operate pools on behalf of ADA HODLers at the lowest rate available.

Owners retain full control over their Daedalus/Yoroi/Adalite Wallet, with no long-term contracts or technical background necessary.

Owners receive their Epoch Fee Share on top of their usual Staking Rewards at the end of every epoch, or 5-days.

SPAAS has more than 15-years of experience working in the Internet Security and Software Engineering industry, including complete full-stack low-level network security protocols and enterprise infrastructure.

SPAAS will never ask Owners for ADA, access to their wallet, or supply 3rd party software. is used exclusively in the process of signing pool registration certificates, reducing the barrier to entry between Owners and SPAAS. This gives Owners security and control over their pool, no creation or modification can be made without Owner involvement.

Google Infrastructure

SPAAS avoids vendor lock-in with Google Cloud’s commitment to open-source, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud - allowing SPAAS to run pools on any cloud or in any environment. Google’s distributed cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds, enabling SPAAS to modernize and power pools on a net carbon-neutral cloud. Electricity used to run SPAAS is matched 100% with Google’s renewable energy to cover all operations.

SPAAS strongly believes in modern application best practices, including DevOps, CI/CD, and Containers with an emphasis on providing security and redundancy.

SPAAS distributes relays in North America and Europe with a highly provisioned, low-latency network - the same network that powers products like Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube - SPAAS’ traffic stays on Google’s private backbone for most of its journey, ensuring exceptional relays and high-performance nodes.

Mission Statement

SPAAS’ mission is a commitment to the Cardano ecosystem, epoch fee share, and enabling a diverse range of pool Owners by providing world-class engineers, enterprise infrastructure, and modern application best practices.


We recorded a brief podcast introducing SPAAS - Cardano Stake Pool as a Service, epoch fee share, and future endeavors.

We will be sharing a total of 800 ₳ in epoch fees with our lucky Loyal Delegators. Please vote via Telegram, how should we split this share in the random selection? Loyal Delegators are chosen at random and can be chosen more than once.

We’ve shared another total of 800 ₳ in epoch fees with 16 lucky Loyal Delegators. Thank you for delegating your hard-earned ADA with SPAAS.