Introducing Sparkle Pool (SPKL) - Run by a father daughter team

Our pool is called Sparkle. Because… who couldn’t use a bit more sparkle in their lives? I mean, come on!

One day when I was watching Charles’ whiteboard introduction to Cardano video, my daughter joined me and started asking questions. I had been talking to her about Bitcoin and alternatives to traditional fiat currencies in the previous days and she gave me some of her money to invest for her. She immediately was interested in how much better Cardano can be. She is passionate about helping the environment and animals and reducing the energy consumption was definitely part of the attraction. She went to her room and came back with $5 that she wanted me to buy some ADA for her with. So I offered that we form a team and start a stake pool together if she was willing to help with marketing it. I have been working in the software industry for over 25 years and know a few things about setting up and maintaining secure, highly available services. She is working on some video content as I write this. Her Daedalus wallet is syncing and when it’s done I’ll transfer her $5 worth of ADA to it and she’ll capture a video when she delegates it to our pool to be part of the tutorial series we’re working on to share with the community.

Here is our website and our pool on adapools:

Please consider delegating to us!

Pierre and Emma