Introducing [SPCTR] Specterpool

Hello! Im Hugo, one of the developers of Specterpool [SPCTR]

We are a group of university students (mainly telecommunication engineers) that have set up their own pool. We did it because we were fascinated since the beginning about all the things that Cardano could bring us, and we do not plan to leave.

We are a very small pool for the moment, so we need delegators to keep us alive, as I said, we are university students so we dont have a big ammount of money to sustent our pool if we do not get new delegators in a short period of time (in 1-2 months we could close for this reason). So, if you want to help and delegate (remember, when you delegate your funds, you keep them on your wallet, dont send it to any address), we will take care of you.

While you delegate your ADAs to a small pool like us, you are helping the decentralization, and delegating to us, you are helping a group of young students that are joining the Cardano ecosystem.

We got a margin of 1% and the less fixed cost available at the moment.

Our ticket is “SPCTR” and our webpage is

Thanks for reading!!!