Introducing State Pool TeqWyse! (TQWS)

Hi Everyone! My name is Matt and I wanted to introduce myself and my stake pool TeqWyse. See below specs on the stake pool and please reach out if you have any questions. I would like to start giving out daily updates on my pools stats but I need to build up my delegates to be able to consistently create blocks each epoch. I created my first block in epoch 87 and posted my stats from on my TG channel. Stats and current updates will be posted for my delegates.

TeqWyse Stake Pool
Ticker: TQWS
Fee: 7%

Server Info:
Type: Dedicated Server
Location: USA (IONOS Cloud)
CPU: 4 Core x 3,5 GHz (E3-1230 v6)
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: 2 x 480 GB Software RAID 1
Data transfer rate up to: 1 Gbps

Platform: JorManager 0.2.9
Poldercast Nodes: 7

Website: (currently under construction)
Telegram: teqwysestakepool

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