Introducing: [STRM] STRM-4-ADA Staking Pool

Hi all,

Looking to delegate? More information on: STRM-4-ADA

Ticker: STRM
Pool ID: 3b40156bab70f436f85a870d2da38021c44dd3b15a16ccf3a20424e2
Pool Margin: 1.8%
Cost Per Epoch: 345 (Minimum)
Website: STRM-4-ADA
Location: The Netherlands, Rotterdam

Hardware: Fast Rack Mounted Mac Pro ‘The Tower’
Cpu: Dual 6-core Intel Xeon 3.33GHz, 12-core (24 threads)
Memory: 96GB
Boot: NVME 1TB
Virtualization: Multiple VM’s
Security: Enterprise Level Thread Management Network

How is Amsterdam this time of year?

More on the Rotterdam side :slight_smile:
What’s your interest?

Aan zo, aug. 23, 2020 om 17:33, van michael via Cardano Forum <> schreef:

Just curious, I have always wanted to go! Weather is fine here in California