Introducing SUSTAIN Pool [STN]

Hello all!

My name is Teun, and I am (oh so excited to call myself!) the SPO of the newly developed Cardano Stake Pool, SUSTAIN Pool. My background is in engineering/management, I live in The Netherlands, and I am the Founder and CEO of a company that develops storage solutions for renewable energy systems supplying to the European markets (think decent sized batteries for camper vans, homes, and utility scale solar and wind farms). I care about environmental sustainability and can often get frustrated when blockchain projects are generalised into the “bad for the environment” category by the public. I’ve been excited about Cardano since 2018 being involved mainly as a community member and investor and now finally also as a developer.

Carbon Pool Pool Details
• Ticker: STN
• PoolID: pool15uk32kvf7nlq4ac8lev2gmyx7lgdew7nnsflu8xygaav6r9u6h0
• Pledge: 15.256k ₳
• Variable Fee: 2.5%
• Fixed Fee: 340₳
• 30% of fixed and variable fees are donated
• Website:
• ADApools: [STN] SUSTAIN Pool
• Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pool Infrastructure
Block Producer
• Operating system: 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
• Processor: 6 core CPU
• Memory: 16GB of RAM
• Storage: 320GB SSD

• Operating system: 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
• Processor: 6 core CPU
• Memory: 16GB of RAM
• Storage: 320GB SSD

Operator Experience
SUSTAIN Pool is maintained by two co-operators that share combined experience of 15+ years in data engineering, data science, software development and general management.

Raison d’être
SUSTAIN Pool dedicates 30% of its margin to renewable energy projects. Our mission is to ensure reliable returns for our delegators whilst promoting sustainable development by means of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy.

The SUSTAIN Pool vision can be organised into three pillars:

  • Environmental Sustainability - to expedite action towards a net-zero future and beyond
  • Transparency - to educate on the benefits of blockchain technologies and the differences between them
  • Global Cooperation - to aid countries that need it the most

Please if you have any questions give me a shout either through this platform, send me an email or join us on our discord server. We really hope you will join us in our mission and delegate with us.

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Welcome. Ask @FrMixx to add you to the Dutch/Flemish Pools Adafolio: Portfolio Details - Cardano Stake-Pool Portfolios | adafolio.

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Thanks @brouwerQ I will do that! :grin: