Introducing SVRN ~ Commercial Sovereignty Restoration, a mission-based SPO for Sleeping Natives

Hello! I’m Philip de Souza, founder of the environmental NPO, Sleeping Natives Productions. Our passion is alternative energy technology, and the energy industry is direly in need of decentralization for those alternatives to have a chance. This is what I love so dearly about Cardano! It became clear to us long ago, how big finance and big energy were intertwined, and we believe the decentralization of energy requires the decentralization of finance first. Please visit our sites to learn more!

Ticker: SVRN
Pledge: 100k ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Variable Fee: 3.4%

Website: (<- resolves to
Twitter: @SleepingNatives

Pool ID: 5059d31b0c8c11d6d2404266844e31f13dab05eae77815db8994a598

SPO Location: Our NPO is US based (registered in Oregon) and I operate out of Prague, Czech Republic

Server Locations: 2 in Germany & 1 in New York, USA (3rd relay coming soon)

Pool infrastructure: Our primary node and relay servers are deployed in one of Germany’s best performing data centres, with a 99.9% uptime SLA. They’re powered exclusively from 100% renewable, green energy sources, avoiding any use of CO2 polluting or nuclear power-
derived energy whatsoever. Equipped with 2x dedicated AMD Epic 7702 Cores @ 3.35 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 160 GB SSD in RAID 10, & redundant 2.5 Gbit/s network cards. Similar, 2nd relay is based out of New York.

Pool redundancy: Online image of BP running at all times, with rotating backups made between both relays. We launched 2 weeks before announcement (today) for testing of monitoring, alerts, auto-restart resiliency, and timing for service resumption. Monitoring is being kept private for self-alerting purposes only. The more we learn about attack surface areas regarding Prometheus & Grafana, the more we’ll reconsider this for the future. The German servers are hosted in an environment that allows for an incredible 1 second flash imaging, so that’s where the BP and primary relay are.

Operator experience: I’ve been working in IT for 23 years now, with extensive dev ops experience through varying positions. Presently working in Data/IT’s Quality Control, for the official stock exchange of Germany & the EU, Deutsche Börse, in their Regulatory Reporting Hub’s OTC Trading Unit. I was team-lead for the FCA’s certification of the exchange in a post Brexit scenario. I’m still also working for an IT consultancy firm based in Los Angeles who’ve I’ve been with for 14 years now, as both their Head of CRM, and Systems/Database/Network admin. I’m obsessed with security and love maintaining my little army of linux servers around the world!

Why should users check out your pool? Per the mission of our NPO, decentralization is crucial to resolving the world’s issues in far more ways than most people realize. It isn’t just about fintech, but for sure - it has to start there, and that is why we are here. As self-appointed “patron saints” of alternative energy inventors, we recognized long ago how stymied their aspirations really were, and how insidiously systemic the problems they continue to deal with actually are. Cardano is on the verge of providing, for the first time in history, a means by which their largest prohibiting factor may actually be surmountable, but it will require a HUGE effort on the educational front for enough people to recognize that for what it can be. We’ve been waiting for that moment! Learn more at both our sites - our SPO, here:, and our main site, here:

We are genuinely super excited at the prospect of meeting and working with this amazing community!

Update to our URL! It is now just so as to avoid any confusion on the redirect (from Change is also now visible in Daedalus.

Welcome Philip! Great write-up and impressive mission indeed. Best to you.

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Thank you very much! It’s not an easy thing to manage with 2 other day jobs paying the bills, but this is indeed my passion, so the energy required flows magically! :blush: Very grateful for your feedback - many thanks!!

3rd relay now launched, in São Paolo, Brazil! :blush: :brazil: