Introducing the Creaky Ion Stake Pool [ION]

A little bit about us.

We are a community of innovators, social-scientists, design thinkers, critical thinkers, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. We are driven by creativity and imagination, and we take a pragmatic approach when seeking to explore ‘what if’ or ‘what could be’.

As with all IONs we are small but impactful. We will never be the largest pool, but we aim to create additional value by meeting the needs, wants and desires of our community and providing holistic and engaging user experience.

Like Cardano, we are building slowly, we are growing steadily and we aim to have serious fun together. Together we Hold. Earn. Grow.

Our details.

Pool Name: Creaky Ion
Ticker: ION
Pool Pledge: 1,000 ADA. (increased to 10k ADA when released from exchanges)
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 4%
Pool ID: 6b2a46607f55b29ec1b50192708b9a2d2610012d133e4ef2ea301374
Location: United Kingdom

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