Introducing the Omaha Cardano Pool, ticket OMAHA

Andrew here with the Omaha Cardano Pool. Does it run in Omaha, NE, USA? Well, no. It was “built” in Omaha, but no DigitalOcean data centers in this city. Hope to forge some blocks so surplus rewards can go to the Omaha Open Door Mission.

  • Ticker: OMAHA
  • Pledge: 2,500 Ada
  • Fixed fee: 340 Ada
  • Variable fee: 1%
  • url:
  • Contact:, Telegram: Contact @omahacardano
  • Pool id: a37daa8dd48bb84a3161d3b0df0d6a4161330b3cdcc400267285ad2a
  • Location: BP node in New York City, standby BP node and relay node in Toronto, other relay node in San Francisco.
  • Block producer hardware (same for standby BP): cloud server, 2 core 2.30Ghz Intel, 16GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, Ubuntu v21.04, speed 500x200 Mbps
  • Two relay nodes: cloud server, 2 core 2.30 Ghz Intel, 8GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, Ubuntu v 20.04 and 21.04, 500x200 Mbps
  • Experience: 28 years in I/T development and dev ops.
  • 24x7 automated monitoring of all three active nodes from an AWS instance

While checking out other pools, I was led to this Further examples of stake pool names and URLs that do not work (with explanation) · cardano-foundation/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry Wiki · GitHub

Does this still apply, and do I need to change the pool name and ticker?

I’m not sure about the ticker, but the name of the pool must be changed.