Introducing The SCENE pool [SCENE]

Hello, my name is Ryan, I have been involved in developing and maintaining high availability secure systems for over 25 years.

I would like to introduce you all to my stake pool SCENE.

I maitain a high level of detail towards node security and performance.
Hope to see some of you on my pool.

Ticker: SCENE
Pledge: 5K
Fixed Fee: 340₳
Variable fee: 0%
Website: [ ]
Pool ID: bc8553a9b0b33cc6622e0ed0e22bac378f5c2b4601d940e0eddbe79d
Server Locations: Helsinki
Block Producer: 8 cores and 20 GB of RAM
Relay Node 1: 8 cores and 20 GB of RAM
Relay Node 2: 8 cores and 20 GB of RAM
OS: Linux Server

Thank you for your consideration.

Additional Relay Node added in the UK.
Pledge updated to 10K ADA