Introducing [TOSHZ] Stake Pool

Pool Information:
Ticker: TOSHZ
Name: Toshz Cardano Staking Pool
Pool ID: bf082b24ce9ad72f0eb48beecf231466b62b7a8ce0890c7a9dcef87a
Fee: 4%
Pledge: 5K ADA
This is actually my photography website with this dedicated page for the pool.
Considering how expensive the AWS instances are, I decided to actually use my existing website.
Why TOSHZ? It’s my nickname :slight_smile:

Server Specifications:
Hosted on AWS
Block Producer with 2 relay nodes and a third in standby, each on a separate instance
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Instances configuration: 4vCPUs, 16GB ram, 256GB SSDs with swap enabled (just in case), 5Gbps network connection

All inbound/outbound ports not required for node operation are closed
One single user with access: myself :slight_smile:
SSH disabled and only enabled for monitoring/updates
Encrypted storage (paranoia? probably)

I would appreciate it if you would stake your ADA to this pool!

I can be contacted here or using Not a fan of facebook or similar social garbage :slight_smile:

A little bit of story and a HUGE acknowledgement:

I never participated in the ITN with a stake pool, but I’ve been following the Cardano community since 2017 and eventually decided to find the time for creating a staking pool.

As far as compute power for the nodes, I believe the official requirements are a bit off. I mean you could go with them, but I’m pretty sure your nodes would go down often. The coincashew requirements are extremely high if you decide to launch one node/instance, but are adequate for launching 3 nodes on the same instance. I decided to go with one node/instance and use more capable instances with higher storage capacity to minimize the risk of a node crashing. This results in better reliability.

There’s not that much info about creating a staking pool, but tutorials are starting to pop up on youtube and different websites.

I followed the coincashew guide and managed to put up the staking pool in about 3 days (and nights, not much sleep). I don’t have a lot of free time and I kind of liked the idea of having the pool up and running by the time Epoch 210 started. Mission accomplished!

That being said, I would like to acknowledge the coincashew team for their incredible work. The information they put out is incredible! The technical side of the guide is impressive. I am a software developer myself and I often have to work with shell scripts. The level of knowledge shown in some of those scripts is impressive. Another aspect worth mentioning is how relatively easy it is to follow. I know that putting on “paper” how things work at a semi-technical level is not easy at all, especially if you want it to be easy to understand. So again, congratulations to the coincashew team for their great work!