Introducing Ultra Pool

Just wanted to say hello and introduce you all to our pool. We are a team of experienced cyber security and software development experts with decades of experience. We have been following the Cardano project for four months now and spent the last couple of months experimenting and running a pool on testnet. We have now launched a pool on mainnet and are looking for new delegators.

The goal of the pool is to support the Cardano community via creating tutorials on security best practices when holding and staking Ada. We also plan to do some vulnerability research and audits on some of the Cardano software looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses which can be fixed before they are exploited.

The name ULTRA is because the pool has been over engineered to be ultra secure and ultra reliable with the aim of providing high rewards for delegators.

Pool Details
Ticker: ULTRA
Pledge: 10k
Fixed cost: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 1%
Website : UltraPool
Twitter: @PoolUtra
Pool ID: 29e5ca03af4629e6ff587a1a75b6358b48a1f58927af813c78b17d27