Introducing United Stakes of Cardano [USA01]

This is Isaac, from United Stakes of Cardano [USA01]. I am 1 of 3 owners of USA01, and responsible for stake pool server operations. I am a systems engineer working in mission operations for flagship projects at NASA for the past 8 years. I immediately got interested in Cardano when Charles gave his original whiteboard video back in 2017. After going through all the papers and interacting with an awesome community, I have no doubt that Cardano will be #1.

Pool Information

  • Ticker: USA01
  • Pledge: 1.2 Million ADA
  • Pool Margin: 3.5%
  • Fixed Cost: 340 ADA
  • Pool ID: 3dc5218de6bf5a29ad6203d9da31b7128c414872e53b8f09767764d4
  • Location: Washington, D.C., USA
  • Infrastructure
    • Dedicated Server
    • 8 Core, 16 Thread Intel Xeon D-2141I Processor
    • 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC 2133MHz
    • 2×500 GB NVMe SSD Hard Drives
    • 1 Gbps – Guaranteed Bandwidth

Your Cardano Update Show
Not too long ago, we decided that a great way to contribute to the community was to create a show with a focus on Cardano. So we created the Your Cardano Update show, where we release shows often featuring other stake pool operators and prominent members of the ecosystem to discuss the latest news about Cardano. Check us out and subscribe!

The Future
As Cardano continues to grow, we want to ensure that we continue offering the community value outside of just running a stake pool. Therefore, within the next year we will be registering as an official company in Washington D.C. We are discussing potential business ventures that would leverage Cardano’s smart contracts. In addition, we will continue to run the local meetups and help spread information about Cardano within the Washington D.C. Area.

Check Us Out

Contact Me
Telegram: @isaacdavid1

Thanks for reading. The other owners, Dave and James will be posting their introductions shorty. Let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. Happy Staking!

Hello all, I’m James Kever… with United Stakes of Cardano. I’m saying that a lot these days. I handle marketing and communications and have teamed up with Dave and Isaac to pool resources for our pool, ticker USA01.

One unique thing I bring to the table is 15 years of broadcast experience. Dave and Isaac have allowed me to create a newscast which we call Your Cardano Update that is designed to provide information to the community and a platform for those same people to give their perspectives on current events within the ecosystem. It’s not an infomercial for Cardano or our pool, but rather a service that hopes to fill a need that I personally don’t see anyone else filling. I can put these episodes together very very quickly and would appreciate it if you see news happening or anything you think I should be aware of… PLEASE bring it to my attention, either through our telegram channel or emailing me personally.

Telegram: @jameslovelace

My dream is to one day interview Charles Hoskinson, and I know given enough time that has a very good chance of happening. My interview of Charles will be unlike any interview you’ve ever seen. To me, almost every interview I see of him is nearly identical. I just want to ask him five questions and none of them would have to do with Cardano.

I’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel. What we’re doing takes time, energy and equipment and those resources are not free. For now, what we have works. But I have big dreams for what we’re doing and a simple subscription from you can help make that happen.

Here’s a link to our latest episode: