Introducing Valhalla Pool [VLHLA]

Hello Cardano Community!

I would like to introduce Valhalla Pool [VLHLA] - Cardano Pool protected by Viking Gods!

Pledge: 1K
Variable fee: 340 ADA (Minimum)
Fixed Fee: 1%
Ticker: VLHLA
Pool ID: 29889ecc8151e5a93fcd321cd905eee0f50c8364273550205058bfe8
Contact: Telegram Channel and Twitter

Pool infrastructure:
Valhalla pool runs on 2 (block producer and relay) Linux servers in
Google Cloud platform each equipped with 8GB of RAM and 2 vCPU.
Maximum internet bandwidth is 10Gbps. The plan is to upgrade this
setup if it’s become necessary.

Pool redundancy:
We keep backup images of both servers and if needed we can spin them
up very quickly. This of course also applies to pool
data/keys/certificates which are backed up. The pool uses a hardware
wallet to store its pledge. Servers are monitored for resource
utilization. Once the pools starts producing blocks on regular basis
we plan to add another relay to the setup for extra redundancy.

Operator experience:
The pool operator is an Engineer with over 10 years of experience in
the IT industry and 5 years experience in network load balancing/DDOS
solutions and web application security.

Why should users check my pool?:
The reason we believe in Cardano is because it’s unique peer reviewed
academic approach. As and IT engineer in my daily job I have witnessed
all kinds of issues (including security breaches) with the code that
is not properly validated/tested. Cardano is different and doesn’t
follow this ‘deliver fast and fix later’ methodology. We believe it’s
even more important when it comes to cryptocurrencies which are
supposed to act as a payment network after all!

Valhalla pool mission is decentralization of the Cardano network. To
achieve this goal we joined the Single Pool Alliance and we won’t
start another copy of the pools when it becomes saturated. We believe
that multiple pools that are run by the same pool operators are bad
for decentralization. We also try to help the Cardano community by
preparing short guides/translations and answering users questions on
social platforms (Twitter/Reddit/Telegram).

We have created Step by step Guide about Cardano Staking and choosing the right Staking Pool and Creating Yoroi Wallet and Staking ADA in Multiple Pools Guide

Pool state/performance can be monitored on third party websites like: (which was translated to Polish by VLHLA or


Hi @ValhallaPool ,

glad to have another pool here. Wish you have more delegators :coffee:

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Small update about the pool.

Valhalla Pool received a new 1532 ADA delegation after a week without new delegators, which gives us a total of 18 delegators with over 71k ADA staked.

We would like to thank to all our awesome delegates, and we hope that many more will take their steps through the gates of Valhalla. :crossed_swords:

Valhalla Pool now Support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Valhalla Pool Drakkars will now support Sea Shepherd Fleet to fight against illegal fishing and ocean pollution around the globe. :earth_africa:

As it is close to our beliefs, every month we will be donating 10% of our pool profits to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. :dolphin:

Funds will be sent directly to the organization official Cardano Address. ₳

This way we can bring value and awareness to the Cardano Network, and help to protect oceans at the same time. :ocean:

That means that our delegators can not only receive rewards when we will start to mint blocks, but they also can be a part of a great Sea Shepherd mission, that Valhalla Pool will support.

Plans for the Pool Pledge

Valhalla Pool made a commitment to reinvest rewards into the pledge.

As VLHLA pool will grow, we will continue to reinvest in the Cardano Network by allocating some of our profits to the pool pledge.

This way we can help to protect the Cardano Network from the Sybil attacks.

Educational Content

Recently, we have created Complete Cardano Staking Guide infographic, it covers most of the information about Cardano Staking, which can greatly help the beginners.

We hope you join Valhalla Pool [VLHLA] Team!