Introducing Zoulica [ZOUL]

Hello everyone!

My name is Saad, and I am the founder of the Zoulica stake pool and a long-time crypto enthusiast. I am a software engineer by profession, and also have extensive experience in system administration, security and other devops related fields.

About the pool:

  • Ticker: ZOUL
  • Pool ID: 8bb2ad14ac5f3ff180acbe0d30fa4bb667162b126d219ae333ed6957
  • Margin: 0.5%
  • Fixed fee: Min value set by the protocol, which is 340 ₳ / epoch

Pool Infrastructure:

Zoulica is currently running on Linode cloud data centers. Relay nodes in our stake pool are spread across 2 regions: one in Singapore and one in Frankfurt, Germany. We are aiming to provide 99.99% availability, and round the clock monitoring of our nodes.


Security is our highest priority. Firstly, each node is protected by a robust OS firewall. For relay nodes, all incoming traffic is denied, except to the relevant ports. The block producing node’s firewall is configured to allow incoming connections from the pool’s relay nodes only. All other incoming connections are automatically denied. Other additional security measures have also been employed to prevent unauthorized access attempts. Furthermore, we have advanced DDoS mitigation (provided by Linode), to fend off attacks on our pool infrastructure.


I am committed to making Zoulica one of the world’s most trusted and well-respected Cardano staking pools. I have invested a lot of time and effort to set up this pool, and I promise to do everything I can to keep it up and running 24/7. I will continue to look for ways to improve security and performance. I am also offering a very low margin fee, so that you as the delegator can maximize your return. My mission is to also support the decentralization of the network and ensure the long term success of Cardano.

Please support us by delegating to our pool, because smaller pools like ours need your help. Your support is greatly appreciated and it will help the decentralization of the Cardano network.

I will provide updates on the pool’s performance and other announcements on our Telegram channel. I am always available to answer questions and queries.

Contact us: