Introduction of GELDTIGER - GETI Pool

Hallo everyone,
I am happy to write some words about my stake pool and to introduce me as the GETI SPO to the community.

About GETI operator
I have a scientific and technical background and my first PC was an ATARI ST back in 1990.
Crypto and especially Cardano caught me in 2020. The decision to actually run a stake pool came to my mind in November last year. After several month of self education and running GETI on TESTNET I am on MAINNET since 02.02.2022.

About GELDTIGER pool

  • Member of the Single Stake Pool Alliance to support decentralication
  • Build from source, no scripts, no containers
  • Ticker: GETI
  • Margin: 0%
  • Pool Cost: 340₳
  • Pledge: 100₳ (Target for 2022 is to raise to 1000₳)
  • Pool ID: pool1g6s7gy86hpgpyl2nyyyd3sqvs8zq0vjuc4sgh249g8rz7fycumq
  • Twitter: geldtiger
  • Telegram: Join Group Chat ( take the chance: be the first member :wink: )
  • Homepage: geldtiger
  • Location: Austria and Germany



  • 2 servers with 6 cores and 16GB RAM
  • 1 server with 4 cores and 8GB RAM
  • 1 monitoring server

Any feedback and for sure some delegations are highly welcome.

Best regards,

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Hi Andreas, nice to have you here.
We’re a pool of a similar size, if there’s anything you need please feel free to reach out.
You’ve found a great community here. :v:t3:

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Hey Upstreamers,
thank you for your reply. I am happy to be part of the SPO community :hugs: