Introduction Stake Pool [₳CROP] 🌾 Digital Farm for ₳DA


Hello everyone. My name is Dan and I’m from small villiage in Poland. My passions from a young age were computers and running a farm/gardening with my grandparents.

Today I could make both of these work by Running Digital Farm for ₳DA was dream that I thought was not possible. At first creating a stakepool seemed overwhelming, but I told myself that I want to be part of the community and do something more than just staking and delegating. So for 3 weeks I was watching videos, reading guides and of course asking on chat where all the members of the community were very helpful and I’m so thankful to you.

My goal for this year would be to make a couple of hives for bees, to take care of them. I will be planting a big flower meadow so they will be very happy. Also some % of the rewards will go to buy trees and plant them in the forests or in wild places.

Pool Info

  • Ticker | Pledge | Fixed fee | Variable fee:
    [₳CROP] | 2000 ADA | 340 FIXED | 0.5%

  • Website: (coming soon)

  • Contact (if applicable): Telegram: Contact @harvestada

  • Pool ID: fbaf2f0064de0c03dda0057c70a4af31fd3f9d3add57a8f5590f73d4

  • Adapools: [₳CROP] 🌾 Digital Farm for ₳DA | Cardano Staking

  • Location: Poland

  • Pool infrastructure: Relay1/BlockProducer 8GB / 160GB Disk | +Relay2 when we start minting a blocks.

  • Pool redundancy (if applicable): Right now I’m accesible almost 24/7 so I continue to control the nodes, if anything happens reaction will be very fast. I also have prepared Relay 2 to connect on other vps. I will be running bare metal in the future if community will support my ideas. (This is my final dream to have servers at home + solar energy).

  • Operator experience: 5 years of experience as helpdesk/server manager in medium company.

  • Why would you stake with me? Even though I’m not a whale it’s better for the community because I will try harder and work harder to get new delegators, to make servers run perfectly and upgrade them in the future. I just need help from YOU. :slight_smile:

Let’s run :ear_of_rice: Digital Farm together and harvest that sweet crop every 5 days. :ear_of_rice: