Introduction Stake Pool TTS17

Hello to the whole community and more wide ;),

I am Thomas from Greece, Living in Germany and working like Network Engineer since (more than ) 10 years.
Whole life, excited about Technologies and since some years I am enthusiastic with the evolution of Blockchain.

Since I discovered the Cardano Project, I focus to learn and develop my own Pool, the well known one TTS17 ;), which is running since 02.11.2020 (registration).

few info about the Pool :
Ticker : [TTS17]
Pledge : 27k
Fixed Fee : 340 (default set by the network)
Variable Fee : 1% (this helps us pay for our servers)
Website :
Twitter :
Location : Germany

Operator experience :
I discovered and started learning about Networking 2005, working for middle - huge companies. this helped me to take serious the Cardano Project and how to design the BP and the Relay.
Security and Performance is the main Principles I have taken in consideration for the Architect of the Systems.

I found so helpful all communities and all the members, which I contacted, are really polite and support me for any open questions and issues I had. Respect.
special Thanks to :
Pascal (Berry Pool)
Alexandru (CHRTY)
Smaug (SM₳UG)

I am here to support the big Idea of “Decentralization” and especially the Cardano Project.
Lets support any new Operator or any case we can provide our Knowledge.
After short time working on my Pool, I have developed some Ideas for an Operator, who runs his nodes on Private Network, which I am happy to share it.
please see screenshot :wink: .

for any question, don’t hesitate to contact me :wink:

I had my First Block 16.12.2020.
I was so happy and excited this moment, which gave me so much power to continue.
Most of us, we have the same goal and is great to meet here.

Lets Help and Support small Pools and make Decentralization Reality.

I would be really happy if you delegate on my Pool.
In that case, feel free to contact me for any question.

Stay healthy and enjoy the time with your Family and people around you.

think before you print…


You are a great person, n2mu and wellcome to the family!!!


Time To Support came.
after the first Block (16.12.2020.), we support an artist project with the 10% of the rewards.
there is small team, which need space to express and we Support them.

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hello all,

we are so happy to announce you, we have a Logo :wink:

Lets decentralize the Network


And also 2nd block created. Great performance! Congrats!


hello all,

new website is published,

welcome to our Journey,
Time To Stake