Invalid address with recovery seed

I deposited my ADA on Yoroi waiting for the sundaeswap launch which was delayed. However, when I go into Yoroi and use my recovery seed, the account has a zero balance and the account address is different from the address I originally deposited by ADA into.
I have traced the orginal transactions and can see the correct ADA total with 2 different addresses to the one displayed when I input my recovry seed. Anyone else in the same boat?

It is a simple wallet or hw wallet?

Also it is possible to have more seed words?

simple shelley wallet - with 24 seed words

Hmm it seems u have more seed words… can u check?

when i type them in i get the tick and valdate they are correct - its the balance is wrong - I have seen the received transactions on Cardanascan but for some reason not aligned to my seed words

strange because if you make one mistake on the seed recovery it shows the error

Can u try to restore on Same issue?

never used or heard of before

no cant restore from there - also, when I delete the account that is being returned using my recovery seed - it advises me to write down my 15 word recovery seed - but mine is 24 words

15 is if you created the wallet on yoroi and 24 is for daedalus… now… where u have the funds… on yoroi or daedalus?

it was on yoroi

i created the account in march of this year

ok, so you created on yoroi, but 24 is from daedalus…

then you must have a 15 seed words from yoroi… or did u try to restore the daedalus 24 seed words on yoroi?

  • open yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - and use 24 seed words. if not working then you must search for the 15 seed words which was provided to you when you created the yoroi wallet (and you must have it somewhere)

do you know what the Controlled Stake Key is?

I believe it’s for staking

i see my ADA total as my controlled total stake on Cardanascan

i’ve sent a message to support on yoroi so hopefully they can shed some more light on it

you will need to find the 15 seed words for yoroi… if it was a simple wallet, or perhaps do you have an ledger/trezor wallet?

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