IOHK Announcement: New Cardano Roadmap

Today, IOHK is very pleased to share the completely redesigned roadmap, charting their progress towards the Cardano 2020 vision.

The new roadmap will offer a clear definition of Cardano eras with key themes and detailed functional components for each, how they fit together, and what will be delivered in each era. The purpose is to give the community as much visibility – on what has been delivered and what is being worked on – and IOHK is committed to doing that as we go forward.

It will be an important ‘content hub’, curating information and communications on Cardano’s evolution as we develop new functionality and add to Cardano’s capability.

This is a living document, designed to gather everything together in one place. So it will be updated regularly and act as a hub for much of the development comms going forward.

The initial content focus for this first iteration has been on populating all the content for Byron and Shelley. IOHK will be adding new content on Goguen, Basho and Voltaire over the weeks ahead. The roadmap is launching first in English, optimised for web browsers. A mobile optimised site, and Japanese, Korean and Chinese language versions will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Head to the new Cardano Roadmap


Looks so much better! Thanks to all who have worked on the new roadmap!


Looks great :+1:
The roadmap suggests that the development of Shelly is completed mid 2019 in July/August, is this achievable??
The way I read it, Shelly is complete and running on the main net in July/August :thinking::thinking:

I think it’s the middle of the year that’s indicated, not the start. (Was confused at first as well.)

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My understanding of it is it’s up to the end of 2019

Byron ended first quarter of 2019 as indicated by the green bar. Shelley’s light blue bar ends at the border of 2019


Yes that is just my point, completed in the middle of this year, so up in running in July.
Can’t be right, or it is only the developement of Shelley and implementation is after the end of June.

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No I mean “2019” (and others) indicates middle of year.

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Haha thx, got it :slight_smile:

Yess that would be more likely.

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So if Shelley will be in Q1 2020, it means we will see Charles eating his own shoes… I hope he can honor his words. Because this milestone finishing in the last day of 2019 is very fuzzy.

Great news :smile:

Looking at the Shelley–>Scope:

We need a quick visual to show the status of a component. I suggest a green check mark if the component is completed and a progress bar if it is still in works.

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the boot stops here.

When is Shelley coming date should be one of these days

shoe, only one. And it gonna happen.

Final Feedback:

I love the Cardano project but honestly the roadmap could be a bit more concrete.

I’d like to see what the ecosystem would look like after Shelley: expected number of nodes, expected throughput, expected inflation range, approximate calculation of rewards + transactions. This information is out there but people need to comb through umpteen sources and spend time getting to know the project. Roadmap is supposed to be a single source of information aggregating the key elements of the project.

Each phase has a theme so Goguen, for example, could list the languages supported by smart contracts and display a range of other expected technical characteristics. They don’t have to be exact, just give us some ranges.

All these components are crucial for those who come in contact with the project, yet they are nowhere to be seen.

The way it is structured now is like a data dump. Too much fluff, but that could be just my personal view.

I get it, the website is beautiful and kudos to those who worked on it, but there isn’t a lot of concrete information or any logical flow in its design, beyond the chronological order of phases. It’s a slightly improved version of its predecessor.


They just did the minimum before putting it out, it is going to be much expanded over time.

Indeed indeed!