IOHK announces new proposal for Cardano to have a dedicated site on Stack Exchange

IOHK is excited to announce our new proposal for Cardano to have a dedicated site on Stack Exchange. We aim to expand and support our technical engagement with interested developer communities, and the proposal for this site can be viewed here.

We are asking developers and users to follow and support both the setup and running of the proposed technical Q&A site. With your help, we can build a reference library of high quality questions and answers to accelerate learning, usability and trust for Cardano. A wide spectrum of knowledge and experience on this site will help developers to find the answers they need about using Cardano.

If you are not already a member of Stack Exchange, simply sign up here. Then, follow the Cardano proposal page and submit your seed questions. With your help, the site will need to achieve 40 seed candidate questions as quickly as possible. Once done, each question needs to be positively ranked to allow the site to move from a proposal site to a beta site - ultimately growing into a dedicated and standalone community owned Q&A site. To learn more about getting the Cardano proposal mainstream and the Stack Exchange process, visit the proposal setup process page here.

Thank you for your support, from all of us at IOHK.


Nice to have!

P.S. Last time I supported Augur Stack Exchange and now its almost dead

We’re not gonna let this one follow the same fate.

Start upvoting folks. Let’s hit the 40 questions with 10 votes each ASAP.



Let’s bump this one up. Please, people, follow the proposal and vote for Cardano questions! It costs nothing, and having our own StackExchange would be awesome!


Bump! :smile:

The proposal for Cardano Stack Exchange site is in next phase “commitment” phase. Please follow this link to commit.


This seems to require a lot of support from the community. The good point is it’s very simple to activate an account there (get an email and click on verify link) and then click one button to commit your support.
So please help on


Also it looks like the next phase (4) will allow only to thus who now commit, post questions and get answers from there.

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