IOHK supporting community stake pool but why not pioneer pool operators?

IOHK and @Cardano-Foundation just delegated millions of ADA to selected small pools.
A high stake allows them to mint blocks more regularity. This is great initiative for helping small pool to struggle to mint their first block.

I also believe that they should support those pioneers or future plutus developer that are also pools operators or owners. The reason I said that because most of them have primary day jobs and family but they find time to tune in every week to learn about plutus. They keep coming because they believe in Cardano. Supporting their pool will allow them to generate small income to support themselves or those projects they are currently working on and we all know those pioneers will be the one creating projects in the near future.

I’m glad to be a pioneer and also a pool operator because I have learned a lot from someone that did not about plutus or Haskell and I am also grateful to be selected. Currently I am working on fun project and hopefully you will be able to use in near future.

Full disclosure I’m the owner of FasoPool

Heya, so the form for the last round to submit for consideration I believe, if I recall correctly, had a question if you were a Plutus Pioneer so looks like that may have been a factor influencing decisions as well. If my memory doesn’t serve me well here then I certainly mentioned that as part of the application process. Weather that made a difference or not I don’t know but CPX was indeed selected for this round. CPX does qualify for consideration based on a variety of criteria so don’t known which one played the most significant role.

Keep it up, I think you’ll get a chance in due time.

I’m happy for your pool and I think the criteria of being selected were
1 at least 25k pledged
2 geographic
3 being active in the community like content creator or YouTubers…
I don’t have 25k and I’m not a YouTubers because right now I’m trying to learn plutus and I don’t think I will have time to be a YouTuber…

Thank you. I’m not a Youtuber either, I don’t think that was a criteria, probably helped, but wasn’t a requirement. If I were a YouTuber I likely wouldn’t need the help anyway :slight_smile:

I encourage you to check the post and application form next time around. Requirements do change based on what they see makes the most sense.

Hope this helps

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