Ipfs image not opening on Pool.pm or cnft.io

I minted using the following metadata, but image is not opening either pool.pm or cnft.io.
What would be the reason?. When I click on the link, it opens perfectly fine.

“721”: {
“614d432e7bfbad362a5b55fe7f86d5471add053432c0b0471dd”: {
“xxxxx”: {
“attributes”: [
“Background”: “White”
“Body”: “White”
“description”: “xxxx”,
“image”: “ipfs://QmfYssgx7PzDvqrHV8NizToU1Ks2FZRUAmbMyfAqU4Dqr”,
“mediaType”: “image/png”,
“name”: “xxxxxx”

When I try to open this with some web gateway like https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmfYssgx7PzDvqrHV8NizToU1Ks2FZRUAmbMyfAqU4Dqr, I get: “invalid CID: selected encoding not supported”

Hi HeptaSean,
Actually I masked the CID. I just found the issue, the json file has wrong formatting. When I edited the json in a different editor it worked. Just learned that VS code is troublesome for editing JSON. This may be useful for some one.

Thanks you.