Irritatingly Slow Game on Rinkeby Testnet

This game was built to demonstrate the scalability traits of Fuel. It is a second layer protocol. Even do transactions are faster it still is not fast enough to run such an old game. It takes a lot of patience to play it. Very frustrating. This game in actuality demonstrates the limitations of Ether even with layer two solutions implemented. We should organize a team make a proposal get funding and build something far superior on Cardano.




Changing to general , as its a thought process/suggestion - not a CIP

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Great idea precious_access

Gaming seems a really quick win for any blockchain, not as your main focus, but as an additional attraction marketing/gamification idea to just get your brand out there.

i.e if you create something or even better pick an ‘old favourite’ re-hash the game, bring it up to date, maybe there would be some ADA or merchandise prizes etc.

Especially good if App related/ playable on a smart phone

Don’t shoot the messenger ! How about …

Knockout fortnightly Backgammon, It’s a relatively quick game, all you need to do is register and the game links you to others, you have to play once every 2 days or your eliminated (or until you lose and are knocked out) your opposition is automatically chosen when you log in so it’s a lottery who you play in each round.
As people progress each week we could then maybe start seeding as your playability improves for future tournaments.

Let’s call it B2B (Back to Backgammon, with ADA prize rewards)

Any other game suggestions welcome or anyone know how to create this ?

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