Is 1.34.1 an Incremental or Required Upgrade?

With the amount of issues I would like to skip this release if possible. When reading the release notes I do not see any of these features as essential as well. I would like to hear the communities thoughts? I am just a bit of risk averse being a small stake pool and do not have the requisite time to remediate large issues should they arise.


1.34.1 fixed few metrics issues from 1.34.0



Protocol version has not changed, I believe most of the changes vs 1.33.0 is improvements on the CLI part and stuff. Compard to 1.34.0 only the metrics are fixed. I would say it’s not very essential, but the risks for something going wrong is low too, so why not.

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Hello. At this time it’s neither incremental nor required. It’s suggested.

@Skilov3 Hello, I agree with @weebl2000. I would add that if you are not using any of those features, then no urgency to upgrade your production environment. I would deploy it in a test env to test it for a little while, then decide.