Is a patron account on effective?


I’m guessing the folks at are on the forum, so I’m asking this question in the most diplomatic way possible. :smirk:

For those of you stake pool operators that became patrons, did you notice an uptick on receiving new delegators after signing up?


I also like to know. Thinking of becoming a patron

I would say: Maybe…
At least i haven’t noticed huge spike or that it has helped me to get new delegators… Maybe i just haven’t fully utilized the patreon perks, but still - i’m a a Tier 3 patron as I appreciate what they have done for our community.

Becoming a patron gives some nice additional features which you can use for marketing purposes and in long term that could even payback your investment.

That’s just my 2c.

Hi Lauris,
Thanks for the info about your experience. As you say, it supports them, so that is a good thing. I visit site quite a bit and I’m now using their live data in my Grafana. I signed up for a Tier 1 just now to learn about things.

Best regards