Is anybody else seeing these Deep Fake sponsored ads on YouTube?

A majority of the time I click on a YouTube video pertaining to cryptocurrency, I’ll see an influential leader like Charles Hoskinson, the Brad Garlinghouse & now I’m seeing Michael Saylor and they’re all talking about (not really them. The image and the voices are incredibly realistic though) sending your coins to a QR code on screen and that they’ll give you double of whatever you send. The main problem besides the misleading video is that you can’t even report it on YouTube. You can only click “stop seeing ad” and 3 vague reasons you don’t want to watch them like is it repetitive? Is it inappropriate or irrelevant and while I might not see the ad again myself, other unsuspecting retailer investors are at risk. It’s a shame with the bull market just beginning that this negativity isn’t being curbed but allowed to continue on unmolested. Is there anything we can do to stop these malicious advertisements and they seem to be sponsored as well.

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