Is anyone familiar with LoRa Technology?

I came across something called LoRa. It seems as if it is a disrupter to the mobile network industry. As it pertains to cryptocurrencies, places where there is no internet or for people who internet is expensive it seems like it could be a game changer.

If you have an opinion feel free comment I would like to challenge my understanding on the subject.

The way I understand LoRa is that you use it to collect and communicate small amounts of data for iot devices. I suppose that’s what you should use if you have sensors monitoring a bridge or similar. I don’t think you can transmit video but a still picture every once in a while. A nice thing for a raspberry pi.

Have you ever come under the impression that this technology is in it’s infantile state and in the near future it will be able to facilitate larger amounts of Data?

No. If you want to transmit larger amounts of data, you should look at some other alternative which will use more energy. A usb modem will work. But it will drain the battery.

I suspect that that the technology used could be useful for mobile networks. But not as it os, you would have to license the technology and build something new based on that technology. That makes sense if you have to rely on solar power for your base stations.

I just google searched “Decentralized Mobile Networks”

Maybe it is at the beginning of something.

Decentralized Networks Are The Future Of Telecoms, Should Telcos Be Worried? Part One (