Is Djed working on testnet?

I am testing at site:

I have a Nami wallet configured for PreProd testnet with some tAda and collateral enabled. I signed a transaction to Mint some Shen yesterday and today I signed a transaction to mint some Djed. Both transactions say they are still pending:


23 Dec, 2022 13:20 Mint 20 Djed 78.280891 ADA Pending Cancel
22 Dec, 2022 08:25 Mint 3,500 Shen 9,844.92917 ADA Pending Cancel

Am I neglecting something or is the Djed testnet scoopers??? not working anymore? Does Djed use scoopers? Does anyone know how the Djed dapp works?

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I shortly looked at it. The transactions you do go into something like a waiting queue and they then process the UTxOs from there in batches.

But if the transaction is “pending” in your wallet app, it very surely has nothing to do with them. The transactions do not even leave your wallet, they can’t see them, they are not responsible.

Could be Nami’s backend on the testnet.

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Did you do these transactions via CLI or did you do this via the web portal app?
I ask because it is possible the web app at is using a different testnet.

The funds have left my Nami wallet and must be locked in part of the Djed smart contract. I signed the transaction by entering my Nami wallet password etc. Nami wallet shows the transaction for sending my funds. The app site still shows my transactions as pending down the bottom of the page - just as I pasted in my initial post.

My transactions must be still in the waiting queue part of the Djed smart contract. But this is for over a day now.

I think the Djed app “batchers” must not be working.