Is Ethereum's EIP 1559 a threat to Cardano?

What do you guys think ?

Afaik, it’s effectiveness is questionable, but I would remind you that you should not look at other cryptos as threats but friends.

IMO, If somebody is looking at other cryptos as threats then their values probably are not aligned with the vision this space is emerged from i.e. fix the broken systems for a common good.

I think we as species need to mature a little bit.

Why I am saying this? Because, this is like evolution, which is inevitable, but who will survive is unknown, and may be Cardano won’t survive and that is ok, as this is not about a cryptocurrency but the greatest opportunity for having much better and fair systems in the future.


Because of the history between the founders of Cardano and Eth, folks have created a little lifetime movie scenario between the two protocols, but really, thinking practically, how is Ethereum’s EIP 1559 a ‘threat’ to the thousands of crypto currencies and protocols in existence ? It’s not. This is all financial business, explosive fun times currently occurring until the dust settles and the world decides on the surviving protocols to move forward with.

We won’t be playing around with thousands of cryptocurrencies forever. These are not clubhouses or sports teams, they are potential financial frameworks for the mundane business of buying and selling stuff.

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Watch this:

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