Is it possible to rebuild ONLY the NODE from scratch?

I just finished building my Producer and Relay nodes on 1.26.2 and it was working good.
I tried to update to 1.27.0 and I think messed it all up.

Just wondering

Please, what are the steps to clear out the NODE and start over?

Like a reset without deleting my server.

Is it possible to do that?

I have a dedicated cloud server. I can delete the server and re-install ubuntu 20.04 LTS and start over from the very beginning. I know that will work and it will be good practice. :slight_smile: But I if I can just rebuild the NODE from scratch maybe I can save a few steps.



I guess I did it correctly. live view shows blocks are synching. :slight_smile:

Iā€™m still interested to know what people think about my question.

Well, u need to delete the bin files created+ any aditional folders

U like simple view more than glive? :crazy_face:

Hey Alex,


I started over from scratch and re-installed Ubuntu and rebuilt the nodes.

RE: sLiveView
The gLiveView is not working. Iā€™m not synched yet. Iā€™m only at epoch 200.

I was going to take a screenshot, but NOW gLive is working. LOL

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