Is it Time to reinvent the phrase "meet ups "?

I think it’s about time cardano community come up with a cool name to lable the meet ups. I don’t know about others but to me it sounds little shady to say going to the meet up or having a meet up.


How about Chillfest?:grinning:


Moving this thread to the ‘meetup’ category.

Might be a better place to brainstorm ideas on this :blush:

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@shera_ghag i see where you’re coming from… words have a loaded baggage debt with varying associations. so on one hand for good or bad it’s a “standard” which most people would almost instantly know what it means. on the other hand we can create a word that while others outside of the community might not instantly “get” but those in the community, those in the know, in the tribe so to speak, would definitely instantly get and be excited about.

so is the nature of language, it’s malleable, but comes at a cost.

instead of meetup, perhaps “convergences”? Cardano convergences

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While I don’t want a label or stereotype of being snooty and the like associated with our community. I do think that it would be fun, and more appealing to all walks of life if we did have some “funky fresh flavour, and personality” to things that make the community stand out and not seem like the same old borrowed terminology. It might show the unaware that Cardano is truly different than other cryptocurrency and platform solutions. Revealing Cardano is truly a “sequoia among a forest of tall shrubbery”

“Gathering of the minds” perhaps?

Lol, “Cardano and Chill”?

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