Is it too late to claim ITN rewards?

Hello all.

I have two questions for everyone.

Firstly, I participated in the ITN through Yoroi-ledger. I was trying to redeem earlier but I got frustrated with all the issues I was having. I’m now giving it a shot again and the only place that has an option for me to redeem is Deadulas. However, it just doesn’t work and keeps saying that I don’t have a balance. Everything is updated and I’ve restarted like a million times. Any suggestions? Is it too late?

Secondly, the issues I was having initially stemmed from not creating a new profile in chrome which I have since done. Now this is very irritating because I only have one Google account. I can’t connect my existing google account to the new profile and it looks like I would need to create a new Google account to sync this new profile and even save it for the future i guess. Is there anyway around this? I want to be able to use my yoroi-ledger account on my old google profile. Why is this so complicated? Shouldn’t I be able to use the cardano in my ledger anywhere, from any profile?

Thanks a lot for the assistance. I don’t usually reach out like this but the difficulty I’ve been having the entire time since getting into Cardano is starting to become very off putting.


  1. No it’s never too late to claim ITN rewards. If you’re doing it via Daedalus, make sure you have a new shelley style wallet there with some ada in it to cover transaction cost.

Then you click the piggy bank looking symbol on the left and enter your seed words for the wallet your ITN rewards are in. If it says there is no balance, that’s because you’re entering the wrong seed phrase.

  1. Google accounts have nothing to do with cardano wallets. You could have 100 different google accounts and have the same wallet on all of them… personally I don’t have any google account - I just add more than one wallet to the same yoroi extension by clicking ‘add wallet’

To use ledger, make sure your firmware is all updated and you have the latest cardano app.

Then install yoroi on chrome extension and select access hardware wallets

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