Is there a script to check if a blockproducer is operating correctly?

Hi Fellow Stake Pool Travellers,

since we missed a few blocks due to wrong configurations, e.g. wrong kes key periods, we wonder if there exists a script or an option with cardano-cli or cncli to thoroughly check if everything on the side of the blockproducer is correct.
At the moment, we only know about issues with the block producer by way of missing blocks, after the fact!
Even if gLiveView told us that all is fine and logs say node is working.

So, are there any tools that can savely diagnose that the node and pool is working properly (e.g. correct hashes, correct key periods etc.)?

Here is one example of mistakes that we would like to catch with such a tool before it happens:


But we also had a wrong epoch number as a reason for no blocks.

your fellow adadadas

As far as I know there is no such script available, unfortunately.

Not sure about validation scripts, but do make sure you have chrony installed.

I had some issues with timing/syncing until I installed it.

Thanks! But chrony / ntp is not the issue. We entered wrong parameters into the operational certificate, all lights were green (e.g. gLiveView), but then, of course, no minting.

another operator suggested curl localhost:12798/metrics
check make sure nothing was missed :man_shrugging:t2: