Is there an estimation when parameters will change?

For a long time now I want to operate a stakepool, but the costs of having a profitable pool, both for me as the operator and for delegators (to have at least 1 block per epoch) is way too high. The operation of a profitable pool is only saved to the ones who got in very early, or the ones whom are wealthy.

There is a long time discussion of SPOs about parameter changes, but does any change is even planned? Discussed? Something?

To clarify, Shelly was introduced at Aug 2020. The price of ADA was $0.1-$0.15 during that month. We have approx. 20x the price since then. Even a conservative estimation of only 10x would mean to at least cut the costs/rewards/required stake by a similar factor. Why this is not being at least discussed? This would improve decentralisation. Imagine 30k pools instead of 3k! This is currently not possible because of the high costs. Only wealthy people are able to operate a profitable stakepool, and they are being rewarded very well(!) for it.

nope, for the moment there are no dates available for changing the parameters.