ISO Secure your Crypto HDD Data

Hi guys,

Recently I experienced a clicking Hard Drive :scream: Totally dead. No more connection.
Fortunately I had an ISO file from this drive. New SSD HDD installed and ISO back. All running :nerd_face::+1:
This was on my music PC with + 2500 albums so Iโ€™m happy.

What if this happen on your computer for Cryptos? Yes you can restore and recover wallets but itโ€™s not always easy.

Some of you are tech guys and find it easy and know of this stuff. For others like me, here is how I do it.

An easy and safe way to secure your data from break downs like software or hardware failure is to make an ISO image off your hard drive, or hard drives.

You can download a free Linux program like Redo Backup and make a bootable USB stick or CD.
With this tool you can create an exact image of your Hard Drive to an external HDD. If anything goes wrong with hardware or software, you can transfer back the working image ISO file. I use this method to secure my data after new important actions.

If HDD is to be changed or upgraded the only demand is that the HDD size must be same or above.
Easy and safe.

(Only works on exact the same computer as cloned. Always back up as usual in case you want to switch to another computer.)

With this I hope to inspire you to help your self from any given PC disaster in the future :nerd_face::grin:

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