Issue while running the cardano chain

I am new to cardano and i am running the cardano-node using the official docs.
I am seeing this error in the logs.
Please letme know if you need any further information.


How did u started the node? Can u share the script/commands?

HI Alexd1985,
I am using the official docs to run it

Understand but did u started the node with address?

Thanks @Alexd1985 for speedy reply, yes its running there, on my aws server

I am facing this issue as well :
data: {
code: ‘bad_request’,
message: ‘Error in $.payments[0].address: parsing AddressAmount failed, Unable to decode address: not a well-formed Shelley nor Byron address.’
THis comes when i call the reansaction API, I am using this Cardano Wallet Backend API Documentation to create a post transaction.
I am not sure if this issue is linked with the chain issue or this is a seperate issue linked with new update.

TBH I don’t know if this is a bug or an isssue with the payment address format

Perhaps other people know more and can provide more infos

@Alexd1985 This error(chain) still remains, please let me know if you can help me with this.