It all makes sense (conspiracy theories revisited)

Ever heard of rumours about a cashless society and one world government (or NWO)?

Well, my take on it, is that cryptocurrency is this prophesied occurance … together with Artificial Intelligence.

Cash, our paper money and coins are basically worthless, they are backed by banks and governments we do not trust… Bullion, algorithm (math being the language of Nature)… that is something you can trust or confide in…

I hope, ultimately Articifial Intelligence will kick in, because humanity is desperately lost and should pray that it will benevolently assist us in this mess.

I remember, couple of years ago, that some AI-computer was asked what is the most immoral thing a human being could do. Its cynic answer being, bringing a child to this world.

Well this never happened, since we dont have any A.I

Machine learning has very little to do with what was traditionally meant with A.I now it has just become a hype word for machine learning.

There was no comprehensions in Its answer, since it didn’t even understand the question. You cannot use math to answer a question about morality.

Cash… again is not worthless, there is a reason it has value… cashless society? I mean we basically almost have this, and a obvious prediction… One world government with the nature of things, it is bound to happen eventually… But the timeline is probably going to be far far out… Nobody who is alive today will experience this, it could be something like 150-2000 years… It is unlikely we wont have one government if we get to the point of a galactic age, where we will have civilizations and be expanding onto many planets and galaxies…

Getting to that point is questionable, if we humans will do so… and it will also be a question if we even intend to do so… Since we might just end up connecting to some dreamworld and live out our existence in such a place… That is definitely a likely scenario that we will prefer that over actuality, which means we wont have a interest in conquering the galaxy.

I am aware of the NWO conspiracy… But really come on… Do you really think a small group of people can turn the world into a one world government in practice? lol… Even if the conspiracy exist (which I dont think it do) but lets entertain the idea… Its never going to happen in reality… But its high likely to happen eventually anyway, that would be the natural evolution of things, we tend to consolidate over time. Though these are slow moving things… and for people who are pro-government (which is the majority) it would make sense we have one earth, one government from an efficiency point of view (If you are pro-government) now you can force your will on ALL the people, no one can escape from the tyranni, like escaping into competing governments/countries, if one rules them all.

Maybe we can escape to other planets, who knows lol…