IT engineer here, looking for master's thesis topic/problem/project

Hi, I am in process of picking/searching for my master’s thesis idea.

Currently working as network-engineer(40%)/devops(40%)/dev(20%). First I decided to write something related to my job, but crypto(graphy) also interests me. Implemented blockchain based time-stamping service back in 2015 for bachelor’s degree. Also have some mining experience.

I prefer practicality, so some kind of proof-of-concept implementation would be best. But still…thesis has to be technically oriented. Any suggestion? What are some unsolved problems/wanted features, that are do-able for one person? Collaboration on bigger project is possible (but thesis has to be my own work). Does not necessary have to be SmartContract, it can be some indirect service that ecosystem/community or particular project needs.

Thanks for ideas or directions where to look at. Maybe there exists some kind of implementation to-do list for cardano tools? Found, but must proposals are too broad/abstract (not techincal enough for master’s thesis).

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