It’s a Red tide

I look through binance and All
I see is red, people on Reddit keep repeating like a mantra “ all crypto is down not just :ada:.” My question is and it’s not rhetorical; why the hell are there so many crap :poop: coins that I’ve never even herd about above a $1 and :ada: is struggling below .03c? Freaking Tron is kicking our ass, what’s next? Would someone please explain this to me, the world is not making sense :crazy_face:

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The price of a coin means nothing, Its all Market cap.

We have a 740M dollar market cap which is not nothing

But yes, ur right, Tron is above ADA in market cap but closely about the same.

TRON has a lot more people involved as far as I have seen, but trust me, we dont want these people here. Its the moon soon lambo crowd.

Despite that I dont think Tron will be above ADA for long.

Look a market cap of 750M is not nothing. Its the size of a company like Fossil group with 12.000 employees or Gopro, 3D-systems, the size of one of the biggest silver miners in the world First Majestic Silver with projects all over mexico - ADA is nothing more than a idea at this point, yet is still being valued at something much more. It never belonged at 20b, or 10b or even 5b that was just a momentary fluke.


I think that’s right. People are largely buying movement and hype (= speculators).

The crowd that needs to get interested is the institutional money (hedge funds, endowments, etc.). That’s where the meaningful money is. It’s just about bargain basement pricing just about now.

They can hold and wait with no emotional roller coaster at all. A portion of 1 fund could (afford to) BUY the WHOLE SPACE at just under 100b. They are preparing I think. This will boast the market overall likely. Just a guess though.

By the same token, this (NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE), is the time for the individual to stack their claims in what HIS OR HER research TELLS THEM to buy and in an amount that isn’t financial Suicide for him or her - and then stake it (when it’s time) and forget it (after securing everything) for awhile and get productive on something else. This way when the hype is done and stability comes in we will be pleasantly surprised with an appreciating asset.

This way it’s a calculated bet and not a fixation. Maybe we produce apps for the protocol or do something different entirely in the meantime.

Just a few thoughts. Love the passion of everyone!

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I think they are already buying OTC while manipulating down the price at the exchanges. I guess that the price will stop falling when they have eaten enough. Two interesting youtube videos:


Great videos! I liked the first one better as it painted a clearer picture. Thx for the share.

When you are not in those circles, it’s hard to see what’s going on. Thx again

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I so agree with this statement!!! Moon soon hahahahaha funny!!

These guys just trying to find donors so they can exit. Lmao.