It would be good if IOHK teamed up with the RISC-V Foundation to create custom chips

RISC-V is an open standard chip. Being open sourced means that the company does not have to go to their chip supplier to fix any bug that they may encounter. It has already gained some adoption among the hardware industry. It would be an excellent partnership that could make more use of the Research Center In Wyoming. I see RISC-V becoming something like Linux. I will see you all at the RISC-V Global Forum Sept. 3, 2020.


Luckily, PoS does not require computational resources like PoW, so RISC-V probably isn’t a route for higher energy efficiency or power. However, RISC-V development, and more specifically DSA and ISA archetypes for different niches of base layer support, can definitely bridge Cardano (post-Basho) to other protocols (my thoughts drift towards a Filecoin-centric NAS drive or an iExec workhorse).

Agreed that Cardano does not require any hardware. I believe that the RISC-V chip could be used to build new technologies that utilize the Cardano Network. For example product authentication technology that would authenticate merchandise to insure that it is indeed that said brand. This Chip is open source so it is highly malleable. An operating system could also be built that uses the Cardano Network to secure the hardware. Cardano could be at the forefront of RISC-V chip development.

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If we’re talking operating systems, it would be nice to upseat M-soft in the integrated GPT-3 department. Just saying. And yes, we should absolutely be considering Cardano and hardware level auth in the same breath (I’m sure Charles would agree with that security practice/preference). The ISA, in my mind, would have to be Haskell-centric then.

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Integrating GPT-3 into an operating system would give life to one slick operating system. Agreed getting a rise from M-soft would be something.