ITN limited to +/- 100 Pools


Does anyone knows when will the ITN allows more than +/- 100 Pools to participate.

Thank you

KARMA Pool Team.

Currently 472 active pools according to

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…Ok but why is that 111/134 pools SYNC last hour ?
Our Pool is active for a few days and still not active on
Not arguing here ;-), I just try to understand if it is needed to keep our pool LIVE when no chance to create blocks.

OK, I don’t know much about ITN either but I believe you have to register with Pooltool and regularly report to them if you want them to show your full stats.

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Wooops… Sorry the active stuff is from another website
We are well registered on

On If you click on “SHOW UNACTIVE” POOL TOO" button, you can find the Ticker KARMA.

I guess the answer is, if you want to be listed as active, then you have to be up and running even if you’re not scheduled to make any blocks (and there might be some additional requirement as well).

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I learned a lot with Cardano.
But the most massive teaching is "Being Patient"


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