ITN - New snapshot, Change in K parameter

I entered very late into ITN as a stake pool operator though I am following Charles and Cardano project for more than 2 years. I am sure there are a lot of genuine pool operators in ITN currently running their pools without any incentives due to low K parameter and old snapshot with less ADA than their actual holding in exchanges.

Please vote :slight_smile:

  • New Snapshot
  • Old Snapshot

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  • K = 100
  • K > 100

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Was there any K-parameter on the testnet?

Would like to see a new snapshot too.

As the full intent of the ITN was only understood until recently (Even by Charles himself as this proposal is fairly new) it’s only fair to include everything in the Cardano ecosystem. Alienating any community member is an extremely poor choice that makes for poor game theory leading to uncertainty post Shelley Launch.

Yes. It is 100 as per my knowledge that is why block producing pools are less though we have a lot of pools.

Agree. I think it has to be a new start for ITN. A new snapshot, K factor to cover more pools.

Community also should debate what value ITN can add especially when RUST implementation has not gone through formal methods of implementation?.

Good question. I believe Charlies may have mentioned in one of this videos of a proposal should the ITN remain on. I will post back here should I find any new information in the coming days.

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